Christmas cake… It’s Christmas time!

hello, it has been a great time to watch beautiful and delicious delicacies over ur website. I must say u have maintained ur site very well. keep it up, u r doin’ a great job.

Eat Dessert First Greece

We baked Christmas cookies, we made traditional Greek melomakarona and now we felt that it is time for an aromatic and grand Christmas cake. It may be a British tradition, but when combined with our local ingredients, flavors and aromas it may deservedly earn a place on our festive table. Indeed, it can become very impressive, as it offers ground for expressing ourselves creatively, with classic or more original decorations.

Take a piece of Christmas cake and follow us into our sweet story…

So, in our new sweet Christmas article we will see impressive Christmas cakes from other countries and we will bake our own, prepared with extra virgin olive oil, flavored with spices, decorated with a spicy strawberry jam cream… and sprinkled with walnuts, bran sticks and lots of love!

Which walnut will get into our Christmas cake?

Our sweet article begins with a Greek Christmas story full…

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